Sunday, June 10, 2007


Loopyplus a blog about all that is pleasantly loopy, in development right now so stay tuned. At present we are trying to chuck a template in there with help from cluey, "down under" located mates. More on this later as we progress or it all goes loopwise (while munching on pears) To be continued soon cross fingers ;)
Offbeat; crazy: “the loopy energy of Harpo Marx” (Michael Wood).
Consisting of or covered with loops.

So senseless as to be laughable: absurd, foolish, harebrained, idiotic, imbecilic, insane, lunatic, mad, moronic, nonsensical, preposterous, silly, softheaded, tomfool, unearthly, zany. Informalcockeyed, crazy, loony. Slangbalmy2, dippy, dopey, jerky, sappy, wacky. Seeability/inability, knowledge/ignorance.

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