Sunday, October 21, 2007

Gibline giblink sounds pretty glib cultish and spammy

Well Loopyplus1 has been quiet lately with some major family stuff happening offline. Here we are back and right on time it seems to check out a major Koolaid event in the form of giblink. Or known as gibline to others which resembles a real "hook em in" type of opportunity.

The most annoying thing about this one is that on some forums I am a member of you get these new members signing up just to start gibline /giblink topics without reading or respecting the forum rules. Like how hard is it for them to do a search and see there is already topics for this program? Spammers they are nothing more or else they are feeling a little foolish and desperate now> That's what you get when you allow yourself to get hooked in by conference calls and gib operators. To the tune of $150?

This Gibcult has a forum to go with it and I just took a quick look at who is online there. Many of the usual suspects you would find hanging around this type of fishing spot. I've read a couple of introduction type of reviews on the whole thing over at Nukblog They are a must read, a real heads up to what the go is here.
The giblink forum has a very cultish scammish feel to it plus a lot of signatures promoting more so called Opps. Such crap as this ,
What Are Your Plans In "sheltering" Your Income From The IRS Tax Collectors??

I found that topic above doing a search of the usual koolaid laced cult words "bless" in this case Amazingly how many posts in this forum are all about "the poster" and their other opportunities. Just take a look at some of the signatures lol

Hmm so who was at the top of the gibtree I wonder? ;) Checking the search engines it seems that someone got some play out of a video is giblink a scam.

Well I haven't watched any video but I do know I'm reading often about many receiving gibspam which would be spam about giblink gibline or gibcult as it looks like being labelled.

The word gibspam kinda fits doesn't it