Friday, July 4, 2008

Bartering not a defence? A roll in the hay for a full tank of gas?

Check out SNAFU-ed blog below who has written an entry about a working girl being paid by the mug for her services with a $100 gas card. (Working Girl is what loopyplus1 prefers as a description for prostitute)
They were both hauled in and charged by the local police.

I'd have thought that was bartering really no cash changed hands. Who knows if you took went and redeemed that card for gas it could be seen as an investment. By July next year it may have doubled in value. You would have to store well in a safe place. Preferably not in any shed or other place you go to have a leisurely smoko

You Know Gas Prices Are High When People Trade Sex for It

SOURCE: Snafu.ed .... Situation Normal Blog
It's no secret that gas prices are going through the roof, but you know they're really high when prostitutes start taking gas cards as payment. more

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