Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cats off the street price tag US$258 a month


New home planned for cats (Shanghai Daily)
2007-07-13 09:
Cat lovers in Shanghai are preparing to rent a house in the city's suburbs for the street cats, after more than 800 cats were rescued last week from a truck to Guangdong Province.

The, a Chinese cat Website, initiated the move and said the house will provide a more spacious home for street cats.

"The house was originally a factory, and the rental is about 2,000 yuan (US$258) a month," said Tao Rongfang, an official with the Shanghai Animal Protection Association.

"Volunteers and vets will go to the house to take care of the cats and sterilize them."

Up to now, more than 30,000 yuan has been collected from net buddies for the rent and for living and medical expenditure for the street cats.

Duo Zirong, last week's cat rescuer, who has more than 1,200 street cats at her home, will visit the house at the weekend, before deciding whether to move her cats there.

Net buddies are also considering building a cat medical center and an adoption center in the downtown area.

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