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Smorgasblogs Well it is like a smorgasbord full of blogs over at BloggingToFame.


Was this a new word "smorgasblog" a looplyplus1 created one? no Google is my friend and told me that Smorgasblog has been around for long time. Was thought of back in the day. Which day? well before yesterday the day back back and some more.

2005 --

Back in 2003 at Velma's World
Friday, May 09, 2003
Today VWorld is a SmorgasBlog

Am I thinking loopy or is it like blogging is going back towards the beginning when there was communities like live journal, blurty and similar? Reading about the for and against "Technorati Favorites Exchange" debate makes no sense. Favoriting a blog to me just means that it's in your favorites. Duh duh. Not like you are going to buy X amount of advertising on it are you? If an advertiser is that dumb and clueless that they are going to come along and think WOOHOO this blog has 11500 people favorited it on technorati! Quick buy ad space, lets stick our useless E-book on "11500 ways you can blog for dollars" there! Well that's their fault isn't it? Seems some of the "serious bloggers" have their nose out of joint over this. Lucky loopy blog is not fixated on this. Smile it's Friday. Like truthfully how many "How to earn money while being a know it all expert" blogs can you read in one day. They all look the same after a while.

Watching Watching you just never know do you? All the more reason to dress to shop, walk, jog eat or just amble along on lifes byways Plus you never know when your going to be thrown into the back of an ambulance Best knickers are a must.
Asher Moses

The party has been spoiled for some armchair tourists using Google's Street View - the all-seeing search giant has begun removing "objectionable" images at the request of users.

Street View, which allows Google Maps users to zoom in to street-level for a 360-degree view of major US cities, caught the ire of privacy activists everywhere when it was unveiled late last month.

Google's camera-equipped vans snapped the cities' unsuspecting inhabitants in all manner of unflattering poses. The most avid Google street tourists set up entire websites - such as and - just to aggregate the most amusing findings.

But some people apparently didn't see the humour in having shockingly detailed images of their recent strip club visit or exposed g-string immortalised on Google Maps.

Some have written to Google asking that certain images be removed. In these cases, Google replaces the offending photos with a "This image is no longer available" message over a black background.

Already, Google's snaps of what appeared to be a crime scene have been taken down. The scene can still be viewed from a distance, but zoom in close enough and the screen goes blank.

And the now infamous photo of a woman exposing her g-string as she leans over has also been removed.

Images of a man entering an adult bookstore and another standing out the front of a strip club are still online for all to see, but their days could be numbered. READ MORE

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